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Part of our mission statement covers the topic of interpretation.  As we acquire battlefield property, how do we decide how to use that land?  One way is to add signage that enhances the story of the battle.  Interpretive panels of course come with a cost, and so donations are a good way to support more interpretation at Buffington.  We also are working on a series of smaller signs, some that would indicate houses used as hospitals during and after the fighting, others that would demarcate the battlefield's boundary, and other signs scattered across the Portland Bottoms.

Below is a tentative plan that would show the additional of several panels and signs in the battlefield area.  Black, blue, and brown markers are already existing, while orange, yellow, and green signs would be added.  Our plan would add twenty-one signs to the existing eleven, adding greatly to the visitor experience.  Your donation brings us closer to making this happen.
Screenshot 2022-06-06 161633.png
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